Children’s party: Zoo party theme

Most children enjoy going to a zoo and probably have their own favorite animal. At this party you won’t go to the zoo, but you will create a real animal mess together with the children in this zoo party.


Print an image of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite zoo animal and stick it on craft cardboard. Write the invitation on the back and ask the children if they would like to have a really fun party.


You can also use the image you use on the invitation to make a garland. You can also create a kind of jungle outside or in bad weather indoors by hanging pictures of trees and monkeys. You can make lianas from thick rope that you hang around your house or garden. A brown branch of cardboard surrounded by a green snake makes the jungle dangerous. Of course you can also choose a different decor, such as the savannah or the ice pool. Or palm trees made of brown and green cardboard. Images of various animals are of course also nice.


Make an animal mask

There are many options for making an animal. The easiest thing is to make a mask. If you have multiple species, the children can choose their favorite animal themselves. But if you are going to do face painting, it is better to choose a different craft.

Make a monkey

Make sure you have printed out a monkey head on brown paper and two feet and hands in advance. You can also cut this out, just like a strip of brown paper. The children cover an empty toilet roll with brown paper. The strip of paper must be folded zig-zag in an accordion manner. The head is attached to one end of the concertina strip. Stand the roll upright and attach the other end of the strip to the top of the front of the roll. With a chinelle thread you can make a funny tail that you attach at the bottom of the back. You can do this by making a hole in the roll, putting the wire through it and bending it on the inside. You can also attach the hands and feet to a chenille wire. You pierce this through the roll at the front. This is how you make a sitting monkey.

Face painting

Maybe you can do make-up yourself, but if not, ask someone who can. Every child can indicate which animal they want to become; a lion, giraffe, panda or a butterfly.

Can I pass over the caretaker (a variant of the skipper, can I pass over) The caretaker stands in the middle and determines which animal the children can walk over as.
Can I skip caring? Yes! How?
Like a monkey! With the sounds and movements of a young playful monkey Like a gorilla! On all fours with heavy sounds and when you are on the other side you naturally drum on your chest. Like a giraffe! You make yourself as tall as possible and walk on your toes
like a polar bear! He’s cold, throw your arms around you and shout brrrr. Like a flamingo! You walk very gracefully and dance almost like a tiger! Tiger are fast, so you run as fast as you can, like a butterfly! You flap your arms and skip to the other side.
With a little imagination you can come up with so many animals. The keeper tries to catch (tap) the animals as quickly as possible. If there is only one child left, he can be the caregiver.

Animal Pictionary

Divide the children into two groups. Each child takes turns drawing an animal that his group must guess as quickly as possible. Instead of drawing, you can also play the game in such a way that the children have to imitate the animal themselves. For example, the child has 30 seconds to draw or portray it. Which team guesses the most animals?

What am I

Stick a picture of an animal on a child’s back. This child may now ask the other children questions and the other children may only answer yes or no. For example: am I swimming in the water? Do I have a long neck? Am I making funny noises? Can they guess the animal?

Donkey prick

Well, this old game can of course also be played.

Eat Drink:


Make fun candy picks in the shape of animals by using different types of candy. You can make all kinds of animals with a little imagination, some craft supplies and various sweets. For example, use boxes of raisins that you wrap in colored paper or a roll of smarties for the body. You can also buy a bag of candy with animal heads and use them. And you can decorate lollipops with a picture of an animal head. You can make various animals such as a monkey, lion, giraffe or butterfly.


Monkeys naturally eat bananas and a delicious banana milkshake is easy to make.


A giraffe eats leaves, but that is of course not tasty. You can replace it with a piece of lettuce, which is also eaten by turtles and rabbits. Together with a tasty hamburger (meat for the lions) you can make a delicious sandwich. Another option is to make a specific animal from food. For example, you can make a hedgehog or porcupine with sausages or sweets on skewers. There are various recipes available on the internet.

Hand-out gifts

Attach the image you used on the invitation to a toothpick and attach a bag of candy to it. You can also insert the skewer into a box with raisins. You can first wrap the box with colored paper that matches the animal. You can also fold a cone from colored paper and stick or draw the animal’s face on it. You can then fill this cone with sweets or a small gift. Of course they can take their crafts with them and go home with a beautifully painted face.

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